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When you have brought your new Laptop, there are some of the useful accessories that you must buy from us in order to add life to your laptop. Accessories like Carrying case, Chill mat, Privacy screen, and accessories that can extend your battery life while you are go.

Laptop Battery

Laptop Battery underline

Laptop Battery is one most important thing that everyone keeps checking while working. If you are continuously working on your laptop from hours, it is obvious that your laptop battery would drain. For the Laptop battery to last for longer hours …

Laptop Adapter

Laptop Adapter underline

Laptop Adapter is a must to buy connectivity that is very important to keep your laptop charged. One can only feel it redundant till the time, the laptop battery is charged to 10%. After that, the need to buy a laptop adapter starts.

Power Cords

Laptop Power Cords underline

You are working on your Laptop from long hours and you find that it's time to charge it. Suddenly you see that your Laptop is not charging at all. What will you do? Well, there can be several reasons for this kind of problem. Before coming to any conclusion, you can bring your Laptop to us and we will help you to fix the problem.

Laptop LCD Front Bezel

Laptop Screen underline

Laptop screen is the main hardware that shows you the output of your work. You cannot afford to bear the faulty Laptop screen for a single day. Your entire work comes to hault when you find problems like broken Laptop screen, fluctuation screen, blurred screes or any other.

Laptop Motherboard Service

Laptop Motherboard underline

A motherboard is a complex system board usually present inside your Laptop. This board contains most of the smaller to larger components that are responsible for smooth working of your laptop. There are different types of Motherboards available in the Market. Our Laptop services center …

Laptop Keyboards

Laptop Keyboard underline

Laptops have become an essential thing these days. Lots of brands and models are available in the market. It is quite difficult to find the best laptop that can be used for either personal or professional or both the uses.

Laptop Optical Drive

Laptop DVD Writer underline

A laptop is an Electronic machine made from hardware, software and other integrated devices. While looking for a DVD Writer, we should be your one-stop junction. Our laptop services center provides complete spares and accessories for your laptop.

Laptop RAM Memory Service

Laptop RAM underline

RAM is one of the important components of a Laptop. It holds equal importance as that of any hard disk drive. Like CPU, processors, operating system, and other components are important for smooth functioning of your laptop, RAM is equally important.

Laptop HDD

Laptop HDD underline

HDD or Hard Disk Drive is the primary store device of your Laptop. The biggest concern here is that it is non-removable. You cannot remove it. It comes pre-installed. When you are working on your Laptop and save data, the data goes to the hard disk of your laptop.

Laptop Fan

Laptop Fan underline

Different types of Laptop fans are available in the market today. The main function of these fans is to protect your Laptop from overheating. We do provide services that are related to service and replacement of these Laptop fans.

Laptop Heatsink

Laptop Heatsink underline

Laptop Heat sink and Laptop cooling fan are the two most essential components that protect your laptop from overheating. The basic role of both of these components is to cool down the CPU when you are working with your laptop for long hours. Sometimes, heat sinks protect your laptop from external conditions like atmospheric temperature as well.

Laptop Bottom Panel

Laptop Bottom Panel underline

Laptop Bottom panel is one of the safest components that are installed in a laptop for your safety. In the absence of a Laptop bottom panel, there are higher chances of short circuit. Since we know, laptop is a compact electronic device that contains all of its technical and non-technical parts …

Laptop Top Panel

Laptop Top Panel (ABH) underline

Laptop Front Panel is a very delicate part of your laptop. If you are facing any kind of problem with your laptop front panel, simply give us a call. Our team supports our customers with all kinds of Hardware and spares supports….

Laptop Touchpad

Laptop TouchPad/Palmrest underline

Laptop has become an important machine for both personal as well as business use. There is huge demands of laptops that are driven by the latest technology. More and more manufacturers are coming into the market.

Laptop Display Cables

Laptop Display Cables underline

With the advent of science and technology, we are able to most of our business work on our fingertips today. Most of the people who upgrade their laptop look for cables. Cables them to transfer data, connect to other device, and do many other tasks…

Integrated Circuits

Laptop IC underline

Laptop IC or Integrated circuits is a very small component that is usually soldered on the motherboard. Integrated circuits contain small circuit elements that are integrated on a small chip using latest tools and technologies.

Laptop Wifi Card

Laptop Wifi Card underline

Most of the people upgrade Laptop to be in-line with the latest technology. Memory and storage space are the two important things that are mostly upgraded by the people who use Laptops on a regular basis…

Laptop Hinges

Laptop Hinges underline

Laptop hinges is a very delicate part that easily get broken. When you are doing some important work on your system, your little one suddenly jumps on your Laptop; the first thing that will break is the hinge…

Laptop DC Power Jack Service

Laptop DC Jack underline

Laptops are one of the delicate devices that need utmost care while handling and working. DC power jack is one of the weakest spots that need to be handled with care. When you have kept your laptop on charging and someone jumps or by mistake trips over the charger wire, there are high chances that the DC power jack may get damaged.

cracked screen

Laptop Screen Crack

Laptop screen is a very delicate part that easily get broken. When you are doing some important work on your system, your little one suddenly jumps on your Laptop; the first thing that will break is the screen…


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